Michael Wilson is an Asst Professor in Neurology. After finishing med school at UCSF and neurology residency at Harvard, he did two years of postdoctoral training in neurovirology with WP Duprex at BU's National Emerging Infectious Diseases Labs before returning to UCSF to train in metagenomics and microbiology with Joe DeRisi in the Dept of Biochemistry and Biophysics.

Ariele Greenfield is a Clinical Instructor in Neurology and the NMSS Kathleen C. Moore Postdoctoral Fellow. After earning a BS in neuroscience from UCLA, an MD from UCSD and training in neurology at UCSF, Ariele is completing a fellowship under the mentorship of Drs. Michael Wilson and Stephen Hauser. She is studying B cells in the central nervous system, their targets, and how these relate to the development and maintenance of autoimmune disease in the brain and spinal cord. 

Ryan Schubert is pursuing his postdoctoral fellowship with Stephen Hauser and Michael Wilson after completing his neurology residency at UCSF and MD at Stanford. Supported by the AAN-NMSS Clinician-Scientist Development Award in Multiple Sclerosis, his interests are in characterizing the antigen-specific immune responses in multiple sclerosis and other neuroinflammatory disorders, such as neuromyelitis optica.

Akshaya Ramesh received her PhD in Genetics and Genomics from Boston University (lab of Tom Kepler) and is now a postdoctoral scholar interested in studying host transcriptomics and analysis of immune repertoire data. She wants to improve patient outcomes by integrating next-generation sequencing technologies with diagnostics. Her favorite food is chocolate.

Will Harkin coordinates several clinical studies for the Wilson Lab and the MS Division. After graduating from UC Berkeley with a major in Molecular and Cell Biology and a minor in Disability Studies, Will joined us in May 2016. In his free time, he plays basketball and explores SF with friends and plans on attending medical school and pursuing a career in academic medicine.

Hannah Sample was the inaugural research coordinator for the neuroinflammatory pathogen detection and autoantibody discovery program and is now the Program Manager for the UCSF Center for Next-Gen Precision Diagnostics and manages the Precision Diagnosis of Acute Infectious Diseases study. She works closely with the Wilson, DeRisi and Chiu Labs.

Lillian Khan is a research associate who works on making metagenomic sequencing libraries for the neuroinflammatory disease and pathogen discovery projects in the DeRisi and Wilson labs. She has a passion for infectious diseases and is fascinated by all nerdy things.

Kelsey Zorn coordinates the DeRisi and Wilson labs' pathogen detection and autoantibody projects, often interacting directly with patients and families. She has a BA in Sociology from Reed College and an MHS in Social Factors in Health from Johns Hopkins. Her favorite co-worker is a sample transportation cooler with dry ice and biohazard labels, nicknamed ‘The Boss’.


Hao Wu is a staff bioinformatician. He received his M.S. in Entomology from Auburn University in 2011. Prior to working in the Wilson Lab, he worked as a Software Engineer at Intellisurvey. Hao is interested in both biology and computer systems.